Statement of Purpose


Lakeside at Watermead Care Home considers its management team and employees to be the key ingredient in the delivery of a quality service and believe the future success of the company is dependent upon it developing a skilled and educated workforce. Therefore, the company continues to provide opportunities for staff to study and train to further their career within the company

Aims and Objectives

The objective at Lakeside is to provide a high standard of individualised care to all its residents so that they enjoy a clean, smoke free safe environment. Everyone is treated with care, dignity, respect and sensitivity to meet their individual needs and abilities.

Care is delivered flexibly, within the limitations of the care home environment, attentively and in a non-discriminatory fashion, with respect for independence, privacy and the right to make informed choices and to take risks.

Each resident’s needs and values are respected in matters of religion, culture, race, ethnic origin or sexuality.

The home encourages all residents to maintain their social and cultural links with the community and to participate in the home’s activity programme whenever possible.

Lakeside offers all residents a varied, nutritious diet and respect for their individual requirements.

To ensure the provision of a high standard of care Lakeside is maintained the following systems are place:

  • A comprehensive range of policies and procedures to assist in the delivery of care.
  • Opportunities for staff to develop their careers through training and further study.
  • Regular quality assurance audit tools throughout all aspects of the business.
  • Regular resident and relative meetings to facilitate a free exchange of views.
  • Invitations to residents and relatives to complete our Satisfaction Survey.