Philosophy of Care

Our primary objective at Lakeside is to provide an environment that all residents can regard as their home. We recognise that Lakeside must always meet the needs of our residents and acknowledge that their wishes are paramount.

We offer care of the highest standard which is tailored to meet individual’s specific wishes and choices. Their choices will be respected and honoured at all times. Where possible, the resident and their family will be encouraged to be actively involved in the planning of their care. Care is planned with regard to current guidelines and good practice.

Lakeside offers its residents a home that recognises and respects the dignity of everyone and will defend and uphold each individual’s human rights. Access to independent advocacy services will be facilitated and encouraged where appropriate.

We will provide care that is non-discriminatory. Our residents will be treated with respect, regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, race or religious belief. We acknowledge the right of our residents to worship in their own faith and every assistance will be given to make this possible.

Our staff will make themselves available to discuss any matter with residents or their relatives at any time. Input from relatives and from all involved in our home are encouraged and valued.

Confidential information is always treated as such. Should information need to be shared with external professionals it will be fully discussed prior to doing so. The right of the resident to personal privacy is always acknowledged and this extends to bedrooms, bathrooms and all personal spaces.

We strive to create a home, where comfort, safety and security prevail at all times. The resident can be the individual that he or she has always been. We offer support to help maximise personal potential in the light of individual needs, in particular, physical, intellectual, emotional and social.